Donut Fest 2014 – A very filling event

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Monday, January 27, 2014 - 9:04am

Donut Fest 2014 was by all accounts a success! Tickets sold out in less than eight hours, there were plenty of donuts to go around and it gave Chicagoans an opportunity to try bakeries and creations outside their usual turf.

Held at Chop Shop & 1st Ward, the first annual (?) Donut Fest brought together 15 of Chicago’s top bakeries to award the "Best Donut in Chicago" with a trophy worthy of Homer Simpson’s approval.

The varieties ranged from the classics like Gurnee Donut’s glazed buttermilk and a classic cake donut from Reuter’s Bakery to Glazed and Infused’s creative maple bacon long john and Scafuri Bakery’s airy Nutella bombolini.

While I could have eaten a baker’s dozen, and probably did, we had to declare a winner.


Judge’s Picks

  1. Endgrain’s honey glazed doughnut
  2. Doughnut Vault’s vanilla glazed doughnut
  3. West Town Bakery’s beer and pretzel doughnut


People’s Choice Award

  1. West Town Bakery’s beer and pretzel doughnut
  2. Endgrain’s honey glazed doughnut
  3. Donut Den’s French toast doughnut


Now that the organizers have this first year under their belt, Donut Fest will hopefully become an annual event. If it does, I suspect the organizers will break it into sessions, so more people can attend.

And if there’s one thing we would add, it’s more coffee. The morning had some of the best roasters and coffee shops in attendance but the “cups” were far too small and dunking a doughnut into a shot glass of coffee is neither fun nor safe. 

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Chicago Editor Joe Piehl
Joe Piehl

A TLT contributor since 2010, Joe is the Chicago Editor. Outside TLT, Joe keeps an eye out for awesome activities and he writes a travel blog: Joe the Explorer.

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