Hangover Cures for New Year's Day

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013 - 8:56am

A fun night should not be followed by a morning of misery, but for a few Chicagoans, January 1st is going to suck! They’ll be groggy, tired and praying for a hangover cure. But this doesn’t need to be you, so here are a few tips, tricks and products to get you through January 1st

Tips and Tricks

  • Drink in moderation! This is a no brainer. Responsible drinking = no hangover.
  • Go one for one… with water. Alcohol is a diuretic and your hangover is the body’s attempt to process the alcohol, so stay hydrated. This won’t stop a hangover, but like milk, it does the body good.
  • If hydrating with water sounds lame, start drinking vodka sodas but hold the vodka. Soda water with a lime looks exactly like a vodka soda and on a dim dance floor, no one will know the difference. This is also great if a friend hits there limit but wants to keep drinking.
  • Go out for brunch! Take a shower, get some fresh air and enjoy one the best parts or Chicago’s restaurant scene. (Pictured above is DryHop Brewery's Hank Plate.)


Blowfish - Recognized by the FDA as effective treatment for hangover symptoms, Blowfish contains a powerful combination of aspirin and caffeine that helps neutralize gastric fluids, restore alertness and provide powerful relief for your headache. 

Forgiven – In what looks like a shot of 5 Hour Energy, Forgiven is 2oz of caffeine free anti-hangover drink available in four flavors: grape, orange, mixed berry and tropical punch.

  • Type of “cure”: A caffeine free drink (2oz). 
  • When to take it: before bed.
  • Where to buy it: check online.

RESQWATER - An anti-hangover drink all about helping your body metabolize the substance responsible for a hangover, acetaldehyde. Available in 8oz bottles, this is like the glass of water you have before bed, but with super powers.

  • Type of “cure”: A caffeine free drink (8oz).
  • When to take it: before bed.
  • Where to buy it: check online.

Whatever you decide to do today, please drink and act responsibly. Together, let’s start 2014 like champions. 

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Chicago Editor Joe Piehl
Joe Piehl

A TLT contributor since 2010, Joe is the Chicago Editor. Outside TLT, Joe keeps an eye out for awesome activities and he writes a travel blog: Joe the Explorer.

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