The One Pizza You Need to Eat This Week

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013 - 8:20am

If there is one pizza you eat this week, make it the fava bean puree flatbread* from Bluebird in Wicker Park. Made with manchego vinaigrette (aged Spanish cheese), speck (smoked prosciutto) and arugula (salad rocket) on top of the fava bean puree, the pizza looks more like a vibrant salad than your typical mozzarella pie.

Going into the dinner, I had no clue what the manchego vinaigrette was, but it looked good in passing and my food consigliore was excited to try the mix. Made* with aged sheep’s milk cheese, champagne vinegar and a few other bits and bobs, the manchego vinaigrette was a little salty for me, but paired with the lean smoky prosciutto and the peppery arugula the flavors worked. 

Part of Bluebird’s summer menu, the backbone behind the awesome flatbread is the bright green fava bean puree. The beans are only available at the farmer’s marketing for a short while longer, so the chef is looking to take this off the menu in the next few days. Fingers crossed he holds out for the weekend.

So if you eat one pizza* this week, make it the flatbread at Bluebird. Paired with a glass of Riesling or a whiskey from the bar, it’s a great night out.


Writer’s notes: 1) I know the flatbread and pizza are different. Please humor me with this article. 2) After researching manchego vinaigrette, I believe these are elements of Bluebird’s recipe. 3) The photo above is not the Bluebird flatbread described above. It is Bluebird’s chestnut puree, pancetta, apples, sherry onion and manchego flatbread from February.


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