Tips for National Margarita Day - Saturday, Feb. 22

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Friday, February 21, 2014 - 8:13am

This Saturday is National Margarita Day and with the crazy weather we’ve had, we all deserve a drink. As Monday’s snow melted in the near 50 degree temperature, I popped into iAyChiwowa! to talk margaritas with Arturo Gomez, president of Rockit Ranch Production.

As we dove into some Al Pastor tacos and cucumber margaritas, Gomez was quick to declare his love for tequila based drink, “I’ve always loved margaritas and they have a ‘good times’ association that fits perfectly with the atmosphere at iAyChiwowa!.”

In addition to his management roles, Gomez plays a role in the development of iAyChiwowa!’s menu, including their two new margaritas: Cucumber and Ay Diablo. The cucumber margarita uses a combination of the fresh cucumber juice, pomelo grapefruit and lime juice to create a light drink with just a hint of citrus. Perfect for spring and summer.

If you prefer something a little sweeter, the Ay Diablo uses a Tazo Tea passion fruit syrup and ginger-flavored liqueur. The result will satisfy your sweet tooth and fuel an evening of late night dancing.

Whichever you prefer, both options are dangerous delicious… and served until 4am.


Arturo’s Top Tips for National Margarita Day

  • Fresh ingredients make the cocktail. Margaritas are meant to taste refreshing, using fresh limes and high-end reposado tequila helps achieve this.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. I like to get creative and use unusual ingredients like mariposa, teas, nectars and spicy liqueurs in my margaritas.
  • Don’t over salt. I personally like a ½ salted rim for my margaritas. It allows the salt to enhance the tequila, but doesn’t overpower the whole cocktail.
  • Good tequila is key. Don’t ruin your margarita by using sub-par tequila.  Avión Anejo and Corzo Reposado are mid-priced tequilas that are extremely smooth and work well in mixed cocktails.
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