One of a Kind Show and Sale 2013

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Friday, December 6, 2013 - 4:27am

IWonder Kidst’s that time of year again, the One of a Kind Show and Sale Chicago.  For those unaware of this amazing annual event, if you know nothing else, know that you can quite easily get all of your Christmas shopping done this weekend.

The One of a Kind Show and Sale features over 600 artists peddling their wares on the 8th floor of Merchandise Mart.  That’s right, all of your Christmas shopping done in one place in one weekend.  Plan ahead and 2014’s birthday gifts could be acquired as well.

Though it’s only a single floor, it is Merchandise Mart and there are over 600 artist-vendors, so it may be a good idea to map out a plan of attack.  Planners and wanderers alike will benefit from cafés and bars located throughout for respite from the sensory overload that is the One of A Kind Show and Sale.

As a wanderer, I … wandered.  Below is a very random sample of the hand-made artisan goods available December 6, 11am to 8pm, December 7, 10am to 7pm, and December 8, 10am to 5pm.  To get a true idea of what’s on offer, the One of a Kind Show and Sale must be seen in person.

Wonder Kids Superhero cape bath towels.  They come in basic bath towel size so even adults can satisfy their inner comic book nerd fresh out of the shower.  Needless to say, these are darn cute.  They can be found at booth 1108.

Tiny People Big LaughsDaisy Bags Fun, casual messenger bags, purses, and accessories.  Quirky, cute bags you won’t mix up with anyone else’s boring black totes.  Booth 1063.

David Oleski, Inc. Still life oil paintings.  I could see these paintings in a very tasteful professional office or a well-appointed home.  Booth 3053.

Tiny People Big Laughs Little tiny figurines photographed in comical and outsize settings.  Yes, you can buy a photo of little people ascending a pineapple landscape.  Booth 3047.
Hotties by fromtofrom Just when you thought hot water bottles were only for old people, along comes Hotties, adorable fleece “monster” hot water bottle covers.  They come with leak-proof bottles in various sizes and can be found at booth 8070.

Jo Snow Syrups Chicago-based craft syrups in such flavors as fig vanilla black pepper and cardamom rosewater.  Great in soda or, even better, cocktails.  They’re giving out samples at booth 9046.

Paste Having taken a screen printing class, I know even the simplest designs aren’t easy.  Jason Laurits’ designs are bizarre and not at all simple; the talent and skill is obvious.  Both t-shirts and prints are available at booth 8067.

Teresa Crowninshield Absolutely gorgeous coats and jackets for women.  She carries sizes 0 to 16 on the rack, and other sizes can be ordered.  These are the kind of coats Olivia from “Scandal” would wear, they’re that classy.  Don’t miss them at booth 1114.

Paper Liberated As in years past, the One of a Kind Show features the Etsy Artist Pavilion where a cross section of the site’s artists are featured.  Ashley Chiang uses the very old technique of quilling to create beautiful 3-D paper art.  Booth EP29.

Flaherty’s – The Irish Candy Co Deliciously buttery toffees and caramels that would make a perfect gift.  Also, drink mixes for the holidays including hot spiced wine and egg nog – no need to source all the individual ingredients when the mixes are ready to add to your favorite booze.  These, gift sets, and more can be found at booth 9055.

Jamey Rouch Artistic Wood Furnishing There are quite a few wood artisans at the show; this is just one.  Beautiful cutting boards, platters, bracelets, and much more are

available this weekend at booth 5061.

Kevin O’Grady This glass artist creates cuff bracelets with flowers, animal prints, and others featured within.  The wearable art glass is at booth 1070.

Clifton Henri Brightly colored photography.  These belong in a loft-style apartment for their urban edge.  At booth 1045.


Lovely screen printed women’s clothing is at booth 7029.

Flipped Bird Adorable reversible bags, totes, and hair accessories.  Every bag is two at booth 7095.

Lilian Asterfield These repurposed necktie accessories win for most original.  Who’d have thought that old ties could be sophisticated ruffled necklace/scarves?  Lilian Asterfield, that’s who.  These attention-grabbing accessories can be found at booth 1109.

River Valley Ranch & Kitchens The mushroom folks who’re at the farmers markets have more than fresh mushrooms; they have jarred salsa, pasta sauce, giardiniera, and more at booth 9043.

Melissa Z Monroe Pottery The fun pieces look simple, but having taken a wheel throwing class I know they’re not.  Booth 2086 for some gifts your mother would love.  Booth 2086.Stu's Kitchen

Kiku Handmade Fused glass catchalls, platters, coasters, pendants, ornaments, belt buckles, and more in modern designs.  Gifts for the young and hip at booth 1059.

Stu’s Kitchen I don’t like tomato juice.  Love tomatoes.  Tomato sauce is tasty.  But tomato juice, and therefore bloody marys, are out.  Until now.  Stu’s Kitchen’s bloody mary mix is actually good, even without the vodka, because it doesn’t contain any tomato juice.  That means I can make a tomato juice-free, and therefore delicious bloody mary.  The kits that contain two bottles of the bloody mary mix, key lime juice, sweet corn rimmer for the glass, and ghost pepper hot sauce for those with the fortitude would make a great host gift for that big holiday party coming up.  Find that and pickles at booth 9054.

Elizabeth Garver ArtwearElizabeth Garver Artwear And to wear to that big holiday party, ladies, iridescent silk shirts, jackets, and scarves.  These can be found at booth 1093.

That is just a tiny fraction of what can be found.  Plan to spend at least one whole day this weekend.

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