Hey Liar, Tell It To The 25th Chicago Biggest Liar Contest

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014 - 9:00am

Hey liar. Yeah I’m talking to you. I have something right up your alley…no lie. Have you ever wanted to take that talent of yours that got you out of getting in trouble because you didn’t turn your homework in on time, that prevented your parents from grounding you for a century (yeah your friends are still talking about that one), or maybe one that helped your ex walk away with less of a broken heart (yeah you regret that now, don’t ya)? Well, The 25th Annual Chicago’s Biggest Liar Contest is looking for you and your scoundrel talent. They are looking for a new champion and they want you to audition.

The contest is May 3rd at the Ravenswood UCC from 6pm to 10pm and you will have 6 minutes to tell your most outrageous lies and believe me with what I heard what came from the last contest, these lies better be some epic doozies. The judging is a combination of a panel and yes, the audience. The cool thing is if you do becoming reigning champion you’ll receive a check for $200. That was probably the bill of the damage you did with the last lie you told. I could be wrong…am I?

You don’t need experience and if you can make up a good story, and I’m talking about one that utilizes your skill, you’re already headed in the right direction. But you need to hurry because auditions are being held Monday, February 10th and Wednesday, February 12th at Mrs. Murphy & Son Irish Bistro from 5pm to 10pm. Hey I tried to get this out earlier but my dog ate my first draft. If you dare take on the challenge you can click here for more info. So tell me are you going for it? Wait, don’t tell me, how do I known you’re not lying. I guess I’ll just have trust you. That’ll be a first won’t it?

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Tiff Tate

Tiff Tate is a Chicago native and founder of The UnScene Chicago.

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