Podcast Friday - Philosophize This!

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Friday, January 10, 2014 - 9:09am

Yep it’s Podcast Friday and this one has become a favorite of mine. When I was in college I remember the students who couldn’t wait to take a philosophy class. They would quote their favorite philosopher and when we had study group at some point someone would start a discussion that would become slightly heated debating…well, philosophy. But there were also the students that could care less about a philosophy class and thought the other students were nothing more than arrogant so-and-sos who where talking boring gibberish. Myself, I may not have spewed out any philosophical quotes but I was definitely interested in the philosophers that were the popular ones. When I did take my philosophy classes I was fortunate to have teachers that made it very interesting and made my interest go beyond the class. So like maybe many of you who have dabbled in philosophy, I have purchased many books to understand as much as I can from terminology to the modern take of it. Then I found a podcast that really kept my interest and just kept getting better as each episode was released. 

Philosophize This! is a weekly podcast hosted by Stephen West that takes you through the history and topics of philosophy with the most informative, easy too follow, friendly and at times comical outlook that is credited to his knowledge as well as great approach. If you want to brush up on philosophy or you’ve finally decided to see what all the fuss is, this podcast is the perfect one for you. If you listen to it in order and believe me I really enjoyed starting from the beginning, you’ll find it is definitely noobie friendly. You will learn and understand where philosophy began and how it shaped history, our history.

Stephen West is young and enthusiastic about philosophy and Philosophize This! is something he does on his own time. His purpose is to help others understand philosophy in the way he would want to learn it and I personally think he has found his calling. 

So check out Philosophize This! I am a subscriber and if you’re someone who’s been looking for something like this, I can relate and urge you to download it; and if philosophy is something you were never able to grasp I think you should check it out too, I think you’ll give it two thumbs up as well.

You can download the podcast here on iTunes. In the meantime check out the very first episode below: 

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Tiff Tate

Tiff Tate is a Chicago native and founder of The UnScene Chicago.

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