#Drinkology at the Four Seasons


It’s official. The hashtag of the spring is #drinkology.

The drinking spot of the spring/summer is (obv) #patios and the DRINKS of the spring are all four of these from Allium.

Alli-YUM amiright?

This lucky duck (me) recently got to sample some spring cocktails at the, oddly hard to find (but seriously, where do those elevators go?), restaurant in the 7th floor lobby of the Four Seasons hotel.  It was boozy tasty.


Blueberry n’ Bourbon Smash

Super fruity – basically everything you’re looking to sip on a sunny patio and it’s all right here in one mason jar! 

Ingredients: (pictured in the first photo above) Makers Mark, blueberry & lemon preserves, mint, Hum Demerara Syrup (made in Chicago!), ginger beer and lime.


Allium Corpse Reviver

The original bloody mary. This sure-fire hangover cure was originally used in England to wake people up in the morning after a night of heavy drinking. Hair of the dog, anyone?

Ingredients: Hendricks, Cocchi Americano Combier Royale, Lemon Juice Belvoir and mint/cocchi infused cucumber


Spring Citrus Margarita

Trust me when I say, blood orange is so in this year! 

Ingredients: Patron Reposado, Combier Royale Blood Orange, Meyer Lemon, Sorrel Rhubarb Bitters, lime juice and agave


Cantaloupe Fresca

This drink is light and sweet. It goes down easier than a mimosa at an all you can eat breakfast buffet. Complete with Grey Goose and thyme soaked cantaloupe (that word is really hard to spell) balls, it is yum. 

Ingredients: Grey Goose, Cantaloupe Juice Crème y’vette, sprig of thyme, soda




120 E Delaware St

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