Marty Casey really put the LOVE in Lovehammers at Hammerfest 2014

Hammerfest 2014 - Marty Casey proposes!

Lovehammers rocked the House of Blues last Saturday and lead singer Marty Casey brought an extra rock with engagement ring.  He surprised everyone by stopping mid-concert to propose to his girlfriend.  So sweet!  Marty comes from a huge family and everyone was there that night to witness it.  In fact, all of Daniella's family was in attendance as well.  Plus, his bandmates are like brothers and his fans feel like an extended family so his timing couldn't have been more perfect.

After the proposal he announced "we're going to take a short break and go makeout" and the band left the stage as everyone continued cheering.  Lovehammers came back out to rock more then as they always do stayed to mingle with fans until the wee hours of the morning.  

I have been to every single Hammerfest (annual concert for their fans) but almost didn't make it this year because it fell on my son's birthday.  Thank goodness he was willing to let me leave for a few hours.  I would have been bummed to have missed this magical moment.  It's going to be tough to top this year's Hammerfest.  But I'm sure they will manage to somehow do it next year.

You can watch the proposal on the video above.  And be sure to check out the most rockin' cover ever done of "Let It Go" HERE.

House of Blues
339 N Dearborn St

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