Bangers & Lace Third Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest

Put on your running shorts or stretchy pants, it’s time for a food eating challenge! This weekend Bangers & Lace in Wicker Park is hosting their third annual Hot Dog Eating Contest.

On Sunday at 2:00pm, competitors will have 5 minutes to eat as many hot dogs as possible!

Comparable to the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, last year’s Bangers & Lace winner downed 27 dogs, which is on par with pro-eater Joey Chestnut’s 4th of July win in New York.

This year’s winner will walk away with the pride of a champion and a set of Bears tickets.

If you lack the iron stomach needed to compete, the contest takes place on the restaurant’s patio – a perfect place to sip a cold beer and watch people eat a crazy number of hot dogs!


Contest Details

  • When: Sunday, August 31 (2:00pm, but show up early if you want to compete)
  • Where: Bangers & Lace (Wicker Park)
  • Cost: $25 (includes a t-shirt, draft beer, and all the hot dogs you can eat)
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