Chicago Gourmet Tickets are Selling Out

Last call for the Chicago Gourmet tickets!! Tickets to Saturday’s Main Event, Weekend Passes and the Hamburger Hop (including Hamburger Hop + Late Night Gourmet packages) have SOLD OUT. Sunday passes, Grand Cru tickets, and Late Night Gourmet tickets are still available.

The main event tickets for Sunday, September 28 are still available for $170 and are expected to sell out due to appearances from chefs and restaurateurs like Graham Elliot, Mindy Segal, Bill Kim, Jerrod and RJ Melman, Kevin Boehm and Rob Katz from BOKA Restaurant Group, and many others.

Tickets to the hugely popular Grand Cru are still available. This ancillary event takes place from 2-4 p.m. each day of Chicago Gourmet and features the world’s finest wines and presentations with the nation’s top Master Sommeliers. Chefs recognized by the James Beard Foundation will provide gourmet tastings. Tickets are $199 per person, plus the cost of general admission. 

Tickets to Late Night Gourmet at the Underground on Friday, September 26 are still available for $50 per person. 

Ticket Information

  • Late Night Gourmet (Fri., Sept. 26) - $50 (more info)
  • Grand Cru (Sat. & Sun, Sept. 27-28) - $199, plus general admission (more info)
  • Sunday Main Event (Sun., Sept. 28) - $170 (more info)
  • Click here to purchase tickets.


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Millennium Park
205 E Randolph St
The Underground
56 W Illinois St

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