Cooking tips and life lessons from Fabio Live at Siena Tavern

As Chicagoans we pride ourselves on not waiting in line for touristy events, so when a line of locals formed outside Siena Tavern on 10am on a Sunday morning, River North residents started to ask, "Who could possibly demand this much attention?" 

Fabio Viviani! 

The two time Top Chef contestant and Siena Tavern partner hosted a special two-hour brunch and cooking demonstration with NBC meteorologist Cheryl Scott.

Together the pair worked on a number of recipes, as Fabio gave advice and Cheryl represented all of the casual cooks in the audience. The chemistry between the two was perfect for a long casual brunch and it would be tough to find a more attractive set of hosts.

I’m not sure if anyone actually ate what Fabio and Cheryl made together, but having him in the room was more than enough for crowd. Together they took shots at each other’s professions, joked about the weather and shared some great advice about cooking brunch.  

Cooking Tips

  • For the best egg batter, prepare them the night before. This gives the batter time to settle and the elements to properly mix.
  • Never make eggs using water. The water will evaporate as you cook. Milk or a heavy cream is preferred.
  • When your eggs start to solidify, remove them from the heat and continue scrambling. This will prevent you from over cooking them.
  • A pinch of salt is with three fingers, not two. “Imagine giving someone a nice little pinch on the butt. That’s how you should add a pinch of salt or pepper,” Fabio.
  • Americans waste too much time using measuring cups and we need to stop it. A little extra flour or cream can always be corrected. (Note: Keep your measuring cups for baking!)

Life Lessons (aka my observations)

  • You can flirt with pretty much anyone in a room, but your significant other is always the most important person in the room.
  • No man should ever attempt to hula hoop. Ever.
  • If Fabio ran NBC, the content would fall somewhere between the Food Network and Playboy TV. But all of us would watch it.
  • Two attractive people cooking together can say anything and get away with it.
  • The men in Chicago need to pull it together. Cheryl Scott is single. 
  • Fabio moves around a lot and it's a challenge to snap a good picture of him. 
  • If you aren’t having fun in the kitchen – or in life – you need to change the recipe.


If you’re featured in one of the photo gallery pictures below, send an email to and I’ll email you a copy of it. 

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