Inside the New Headquarters River North

Last week we waxed poetically about the new the new Headquarters in River North and what to expect. We mentioned the industrial finishes, 80’s memorabilia, and the ten thousand cassette tape wall behind the DJ booth. But to be honest, we hadn’t seen the space.

This week we had a chance to see the new location and it’s AWESOME.

The two floor venue is an eclectic mix of pinball, video games, craft cocktails, and dining area filled with Victorian couches, and distressed lounge chairs.

My friend Sarah – a tall, attractive, former college volleyball player – has mentioned on several occasions that her and her friends struggle with the Headquarters in Lincoln Park because they love craft beer, but aren’t into video games.

To test the new space, I told Sarah we were going to Fig & Olive, but took her to Headquarters instead. After exploring the two floors, diving into cocktail menu, and crashing on a set of lounge chairs, she was digging the new space.

Headquarters in River North is more than just a video game bar. It offers a solid craft beer list, the chicken and waffle are delicious, and the US Mint (mint infused Knob Creek with honey and lemon) will be your new favorite drink.

So whether you need a night out with the guys, or are planning your next birthday party, check out Headquarters in River North. It's open now and you won’t be disappointed.

Note: The kitchen won’t be fully open until Thursday, September 4, but sample tastings of the new menu are available.


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