Lollapalooza Pre-Party: The Jane Doze and DJ Tony Arzadon at The Underground (Photo Gallery)

The Underground started Lollapalooza a little early this year by converting Every Damn Wednesday into an EDM party with The Jane Doze, DJ Tony Arzadon and Sebjak.

Every Damn Wednesday is a weekly dance party with a solid following, but as you can imagine, the Rockit Ranch crew took the party to eleven this week.

This was our first taste of the Underground’s weekend lineup and it didn’t disappoint. As the weekend goes on, you can expect the acts and celeb sightings to increase.

Side note: The Jane Doze are in leather jackets, Tony Arzadon is wearing the black t-shirt, and Sebjak is wearing a white t-shirt. The beautiful people in the other photos, they’re just beautiful Chicagoans.

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