New Vanille Pâtisserie

French pastry shop Vanille Pâtisserie is now open at Clark and Dickens in Lincoln Park.

I was invited to attend Vanille Pâtisserie’s grand opening party recently.  I’m afraid I caught diabetes during the event, which showcased all the Francophile dessert emporium has to offer.

Sweets for special occasions, wedding cakes and celebration cakes, can be viewed and sampled in the comfort of the shop’s Vanille Salon.  The flavor combinations are sophisticated and modern – orange buttermilk cake, white chocolate diplomat cream, orange marmalade is just one delicious choice – and the decoration options are like bespoke suits – custom, tailored, elegant.

But there’s no need to wait for a special occasion to visit Vanille Pâtisserie because there are many, many everyday – which is not to be confused with boring or pedestrian – pastries and treats available either in the lovely shop, or to take away.  Espresso-based drinks help wash down any of dozens of breakfast pastries, including some savory options, a rainbow of gluten free macarons, and elaborate entremets.  (Because I had to look it up, I’ll share: an entremet is “a multi-layered mousse-based cake with various complementary flavors and varying textural contrasts.”)

Not being too embarrassed, I’ll admit that I gave a try to just about everything Vanille Pâtisserie has to offer, which included the above as well as cake, tartes, mini eclairs, pate de fruit, caramels, and much more.  Without exception, everything was rich and delicious; sweet but not cloying.  

I heard more than once that it would be nice to have another wedding so the cake and guests’ gifts could be made by Vanille Pâtisserie.  No need to go through that much trouble, since any of the confections can be ordered for a party, a small get-together, or even an individually delectable gift.

Stop into the beautiful shop, have a few treats.  My guess is some will go home with you.

2108 N Clark St
773 868 4574

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