HBO Is Looking For Your Short Film or Web Series

HEY FILMMAKERS! HBOAccess has announced a 4 week program that offers mentorship, project development, access to a diverse group of directors and they’re talking about major access to info to help you along with your epic (don’t we all think our projects are epic) idea. Four weeks of making your idea worthy of what comes next which is a budget to put toward creating short form content for guess who? You got it, HBO. You guys are good. Hmmm, this sounds vaguely familiar.

Anyway, the application process opened as of yesterday and it will close on March 3, 2014. That gives you one month, well less one day, to decide if this will be a step toward your shining moment. Now it is possible that the submission process could go longer than the month. This is because of wanting to reach a submission cap, they do state that. But that shouldn’t concern you, right? Because this could be that big break you’re looking for so why chance it? And, yes I like starting sentences with ‘and’, there is a 500 submission cap. Also importantly your submissions must be through Without A Box.

To learn more about the exact dates, rules and to address any questions you may have click here. I look forward to reading and following your progress if you decide to take this opportunity and run with it. As usual we here at The Local Tourist support our local artist and we hope that you will too.  

Photo credit: All photos from and HBOAccess.


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