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After attending Dominican University for degrees in both Communications of Arts and Sciences and Journalism in River Forest, Taneisha made it her mission to inform the world of their incredulous fashion faux paus and wardrobe missteps. This in turn, lead to her taking several employment positions in retail to help establish and refine her sense of style, as well as her quick and witty repartee. Taneisha has also taken the time to establish her closet from just a few basic Target items to a respectable wardrobe of Helmut Lang, Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs and Forever 21 (just so she knows the fashion she’s forcing you to buy). It’s not easy striving to live like a Gossip Girl on a part-time budget! Always the quipster, she tries to bring a bit of humor to every situation. Though her dry humor can come off a bit snarky at times, it all comes from the love (of fashion).

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