190 North Needs Some TLC from TLT!

Warning: shameless self-promtion ensues NOW!

190 North with Janet Davies is ABC7’s popular show about what to do and where to go in Chicago. They’re hoping to get 10,000 Facebook “likes”, and to get there they’re running a contest: the person who’s mentioned the most on their page gets to be a guest correspondent on the show! (You can see where this is going…)

“Pick me pick me pick me!”

All you have to do is:

  1. Like their page
  2. Post Theresa Carter on their wall

If enough people do that you’ll be seeing my smiling face on the show!

There are a few of us that have been running neck and neck, and unlike in Chicago politics we’re actually playing nice. One of them even suggested 190 North do an entire show with guest correspondents! Personally I think that’s a great idea!

We have until December 25 and they must reach 10,000 page likes. If you’re on Facebook, please like them and post Theresa Carter on their wall. Thanks!!!


p.s. Thanks to Teresa Candelario for suggesting me in the first place! If I get on I owe you, friend!






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