2 Degrees of Separation

Chicago may be the third largest city in the United States, but there are times when it feels like a really, really small town. When you get into niches, you might as well be living on Wisteria Lane and your neighbors are the Brady’s and the Cleaver’s and there’s an obnoxiously cute kid named Opie. Everybody knows everybody, or knows someone who knows someone you know.

Thursday night I went to The Spot at Broadway and Montrose for an open mic night. David Kav, one of my favorites, was playing so I went to support him. This was my third time seeing him play, and he greeted me with his usual contagious energy.

He took me to the bar to say hi to Michael Teach, the guy behind Chicago Acoustic Underground. Michael began talking about Digable Cat, one of the acts scheduled for the evening. I met some of the band members and they gave me a CD. When I listened to it later I recognized one of the guys from Abstract Giants, so I checked the liner notes. Yep, they contributed to track 7.

Not only have I featured Abstract Giants, but my good friend Teresa Hill is good friends with them. And I met my road trip buddy Kenny on Teresa’s birthday because he came out with her friend, Andreas, the one who made a guest appearance on Digable Cat’s cd.

Wait, it gets better.

Michael (Chicago Acoustic Underground guy) suggested that I co-host a podcast with him, highlighting my favorite band/lyricist.  He also told me I should go to Double Door to check out this band Lucid Ground. When I checked their MySpace page I saw they were playing with Algren, another band I’ve featured, and Mindsight, a band I’ve wanted to feature.

As Mindsight was on stage, and I was growing even more convinced that they should be featured, I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Marq Withers, the singer from Disonic.

Disonic is the band I wanted to highlight on Michael’s show.

Turns out they’re good friends with Mindsight. And, get this, they’re doing a show with Lucid Ground in November.

It is a small world, after all.






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