90210: The Musical

The kids from West Bev are back.

Coming of age can be difficult, but nowhere is it more dramatic than in America’s favorite zip code, 90210.  That’s right:  the gang from West Beverly High School is back; this time in a hilarious musical parody of the beloved 1990s television show.  Bob and Tobly’s Beverly Hills 90210 The Musical The Unauthorized Parody is the latest creation to come to Chicago from Bob and Tobly McSmith, the creators and writers of Bayside! The Saved by the Bell Musical; Full! House! The Musical; Katdashians! The Musical; Showgirls! The Musical and JonBenet! Murder Mystery Theater.

Everyone has returned— wearing overalls, babydoll dresses, chokers, midriff baring shirts, high waisted jeans and oversized plaid flannels— chock full of teenage angst and drama.  Brandon (played by Landon Zwick) and Brenda (Ana Marcu) Walsh show up as the transplanted Minnesotan twins who improbably become super popular within hours of arrival.  Dylan McKay (Alan Trinca) is the brooding bad boy with daddy issues.  Kelly Taylor (Alexis Kelley) is the princess struggling to be more than just a pretty face.  Steve Sanders (Seth Blum) is the rich adopted son of a movie star.  Andrea Zuckerman (also Seth Blum) is poor editor of the West Beverly Blaze.  David Silver (Rob Riordan) is a pseudo white rapper, apparently reluctant to date Tori Spelling (always Tori Spelling, never Donna Martin).  And Tori Spelling?  She is a semi-verbal (if dolphin noises count as verbal), constantly posing, drama zombie played deliciously by Caleb Dehne.

The lesser cast members are here too.  Nat from the Peach Pit (“Nothing says ‘90s like a 1950s diner!”) and the Peach Pit After Dark croons “I’m the father figure with a heart of gold; All my friends are 16 years old!”; Dead Scott appears with his father’s gun; Emily Valentine takes U4EA; Kelly Kapowski sings “I’m a much bigger package with a brighter bow: Valerie!” and of course, Jim and Cindy Walsh make several appearances to bestow parental advice…as X-rated anatomically correct puppets.

The show is for true lovers of the 1990s sensation only; the inside jokes are fast and furious and the crowd at Opening Night of 90210: The Musical was not disappointed.  Emily Valentine herself, Christine Elise introduced the show and was available for photos and autographs at intermission and after the show.  (Fun fact:  Elise wrote three episodes of the original 90210, including one involving Jeopardy, Alex Trebek and Johnny Gilbert in a dream.)  A couple of the audience members even attended the show clad in the matching Spring Fling dresses worn by Kelly and Brenda in Season 1 Episode 20.  The musical numbers are fun with hits such as “The Ballad of Andrea Zuckerman,” “We Are Drama Zombies” and “Will Tori Spelling Graduate?”

The real shining star of this production is Seth Blum, who is a joy to watch.  He plays Andrea Zuckerman as a raspy voiced, 56-year-old Cathy comic (“UGH!  BRAAANDON!”) and Steve Sanders as a 36-year-old who always brings the party, as well as several other characters.  He is versatile and funny.

90210: The Musical runs for two hours with an intermission at The Broadway Playhouse (175 E. Chestnut St.) through Sunday, September 17, 2017.  Use code DRAMA to receive 25% off.






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