A Dynasty In The Making: Celebrating Ten Years of Dynasty Podcasts

Jaime Black has been hosting a podcast since before podcasts were cool. One might even argue, in fact, that he helped make them cool. Since 2005 the Chicagoan has used the podcast platform to showcase musicians and creative industries from his hometown on his successful show, Dynasty Podcasts.

This Sunday Black will be celebrating ten years of hosting his original music and nightlife culture podcast with an epic live streaming event. For ten straight hours he’ll be “on air” at the Public House Hotel. With ten hours of airtime to fill he’ll be joined by an extensive collection of guests. Scheduled to appear are:

  • Local H 
  • Show You Suck
  • Andrew Barber (Fake Shore Drive)
  • Greg Corner 
  • Chris Payne
  • Archie Powell + The Exports 
  • Dani Deahl 
  • Alex Fruchter x Mike Kolar W/ Closed Sessions Artists
  • Phenom 
  • Martin Atkins
  • White Mystery 
  • Mikul Wing
  • Celine Neon
  • Mike Golden
  • Lili K 
  • Mark Rose + Bob Nanna (Downwrite)
  • Bernie Levv 
  • Anthony Spina
  • Xoe Wise
  • Kinky Love
  • Stefan Ponce
  • Music Dealers 
  • ManBQue 
  • Yawn
  • Beach Jesus
  • Rapper Chicks 
  • My Gold Mask
  • The Atlas Moth 
  • Gemini Club 
  • Shawn Campbell + Jennifer Lizak (CHIRP Radio)
  • Probcause 
  • Eric Strom (GlitterGuts)
  • Ganser 
  • 1833 
  • Dan Polyak 
  • David Beltran (FeelTrip)
  • Justin Sinkovich  
  • Rebecca Brunner
  • Vamos
  • Hemmingbirds
  • Professor Fox

You can watch and listen to this marathon of celebrations at dynastypodcasts.tv on August 30 from 12pm to 10pm. If you don’t want to wait until Sunday, and if you aren’t already one of Black’s 50,000 followers, you can listen to the show on Soundcloud.

Congratulations, Jaime! You’ve built quite the dynasty.






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