A Real Treat

“Hidden gem” is one of those phrases that’s used so frequently it’s almost meaningless. However, Treat brings meaning back to those words.

Treat RestaurantSituated across from a Citgo, next to a barber shop and a currency exchange and in a neighborhood that’s known more for rolling mango carts and cheap Chinese, Treat (CLOSED) is a surprising restaurant so good it’s a destination. Even though I’ve lived basically across the street for the last seven
months it wasn’t until last night that I checked it out, and now that I know it’s there I’d drive across town to enjoy this delight. I was introduced because a friend had
been there before and knew I needed to cross the street immediately.

We started off with the scallops and the beet salad. The scallops, served with a curried yogurt creme sauce, potatoes, and thinly sliced leeks, were prepared absolutely perfectly. They were slightly seared on the outside and they were so tender they practically fell apart on the fork. The thickly sliced roasted beets were topped with greens, sprinkled with walnuts and a citrus vinaigrette and topped with a medallion of breaded goat cheese.

For his entree my friend ordered the Pan Roasted Flank Steak. I noticed our server didn’t ask how he wanted the steak prepared, and we were pleasantly surprised when it came out a perfect medium rare. It was cut into thick slices and arranged over roasted parsnips and peas. My Chicken Tikka Masala was a spicy stew of tender chicken and curried vegetables surrounding a mound of basmati rice. We completely finished both dishes.

For dessert: passion fruit-infused creme brulee. Simply delightful.

The decor consists of simple and inexpensive hard chairs and undecorated tables; the walls showcase a local artist, whose work brings into the environment creativity and aesthetic appeal. At $11.95 – $17.95 an entree the prices are downright cheap, and since it’s BYOB you can have a fantastic dinner for two for about $60.

This is one hidden gem that needs to be polished and set for everyone to see.

Treat, 1616 N Kedzie Ave, 773.772.1201






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