Advil Clears the Way for Chicago Cyclists

Chicago has the distinction of having the worst congestion in the country. Advil to the rescue! I’m not talking about that congestion (although considering our winter weather I suppose I could be) – I’m talking about traffic!

Advil is helping communities with “congestion” of all sorts by donating $30,000 to worthy causes through their Congestion Relief Project. In Chicago, that means a new bike lane snow plow.  The city has begun adding new protected bike lanes and that’s already increased bike usage where they’ve been installed. When it snows, however, the normal plow trucks won’t be able to clear them, so Advil donated a special plow just for this season.

Former Chicago Bears player Richard Dent was on hand to help present the gift, and that wasn’t the only present given. They also gave onlookers almost 50 bikes! Check out the video of the ribbon cutting ceremony and the bike giveaway for a feel-good moment that’ll get you all stopped up.

Visit to learn more about Advil’s Congestion Relief Project.






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