All Work and No Play…

If you were to take a look at my calendar, you’d think all I do is work. Even my social life is integrated with my business life. I take friends with me to check out restaurants, bands, bars, etc. The last five men I’ve dated I’ve met through TLT, either through networking or reviewing (when that’s my social life, how else am I going to meet someone?). The only time I take a break is when I’m with my son two weekends a month.

It’s honestly OK, because I love what I do and I get to meet amazing people, but at the core I’m a writer. Lately I’ve gotten so caught up in the business aspect of The Local Tourist that I feel like I’ve neglected the creative side. Granted, I unabashedly trot out quirky segues and puns that make even the hardiest of cynics groan, but those are mere flirtations. I don’t want to be just a tease.

Even in the online world, where attention spans have the lifeline of an octogenarian who’s never used hand lotion, there’s room for a little exposition, for a little personality. To be a source of entertainment as well as a source of information, it’s darn well a necessity.

I’ll still keep the information coming, but now and then I’m going to write what I hope are entertaining, possibly funny, and maybe even provocative posts about life in Chicago. Unless you think this is a really bad idea, and then I’ll just set up an anonymous blog out there and satisfy my urge in an isolated environment.

You’ve been warned.







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