AlphaBeer Brews Announced – UPDATED

Here’s what you beer fans have been waiting for…the beers we’re sampling at next Friday’s AlphaBeer! It’s October, so of course it’s heavy on the darker beers, but don’t worry, we’ve thrown in some lagers and IPAs and even a cider to make sure you don’t get too weighted down.

Here’s what we’ll be tasting:

  • A Amber Ale, Dark Horse Brewing Co
  • B Boffo Brown Ale, Dark Horse Brewing Co
  • C 
  • D Dirty Bastard, Founder’s Brewing Co
  • E Eliot Ness, Great Lakes
  • F Flying Dog 
  • G Great Lakes 
  • H Humming Ale, Anchor
  • I Iron Fist, Revolution Brewing Co
  • J Jackman’s Pale Ale, Left Hand Brewing Co
  • K 
  • L Lagunitas
  • M Magners Original Cider
  • N New Holland 
  • O Oatmeal Stout, Anderson
  • P Porter, Founder’s Brewing Co
  • Quilmes
  • R Red Lager, Leinenkugel
  • S Sprecher Black Bavarian
  • T Two Brothers Heavy Handed IPA
  • U Undercover Shutdown, Lagunitas
  • V Victory 
  • X Xingu
  • W White Hawk IPA, Mendocino
  • Y 
  • Z Zhiguly Grande 9,5

But wait, there’s more! After visiting the ballroom at the Blackstone we were able to fit four more tables of six at the special rate of $200! Sign up with five of your friends and one of you gets to go for free. Individual tickets are only $40, but be sure to get them in advance because they’re $50 at the door (and will probably sell out).






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