AlphaBeer XI Celebrates Craft Beer October 12

Craft beer is booming. It seems like every time you turn around there’s a new brewery featuring beer you just have to try. However, that could get pretty expensive, pretty quickly, and what if you don’t love that four pack you just spent $12.99 to try?

That’s where AlphaBeer comes in. This unique tasting event features a craft beer for every letter of the alphabet. The focus is on craft brews and the experience is led by experts who truly appreciate fine beer. It’s a three hour tour of hops and barley and lagers and ales, and everything is crafted by masters who are passionate about their beers.

We’re celebrating our “XI”th AlphaBeer on October 12th! At this very special event we’re highlighting some of the best beers from some of the best breweries. It’s fun, educational, and (highly) entertaining for fans, fanatics, and neophytes alike.

During this unconventional tasting event you’ll learn about the ABV, the IBU and what to eat with each brew. Your take-home program means you’ll have your notes handy when you want to pick up your favorites. We’ll even have several special guests joining us from participating breweries to share their love and passion for the art of fine brew with you.

Here’s what’s “on tap”:

  • B  Berghoff Sir Dunkel
  • D  Deschutes Obsidian
  • E  Evil Twin Hipster Ale
  • F  Founder’s (don’t know which one yet, but they’re ALL good!)
  • G  Goose Island Big John
  • H  Slapshot Honey, You’re Blonde
  • I  Ommegang Iron Throne
  • J  Jolly Pumpkin
  • K Kentucky Bourbon Barrel
  • L  Liefmans Goudenband
  • M  Greenbush Memento More
  • O  Baderbrau Oktoberfest
  • P  Pipeworks (see F)
  • R  Revolution (see P)
  • S  Brewery Vivant Sgt. Peppercorn
  • U  Uinta Dubhe
  • V  5 Rabbit Vida Y Muerte
  • W  Avery White Rabbit
  • Y  Evil Twin Yang 

and more to come!

There’s no better way to learn your A-BEER-C’s!

NEW: For the first time, we’re offering TWO sessions! Prefer day drinking? Join us at 12pm. Want to stay after and enjoy your favorites? Sign up for the 5pm session.

Tickets are just $45 to try 26 different craft beers, each introduced by an expert. 
Beer is better with friends: Bring 5 friends and you get to go free! A table of 6 is only $225. We have a very limited number of tables at this price, and they always sell out.

The Beer Bistro NorthOur Host

For this eleventh edition of AlphaBeer we’re thrilled to be partnering with The Beer Bistro North. When you talk about beer bars in Chicago, you talk about The Beer Bistro.






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