An Oasis In Chicago's Food Desert

Convenience stores often get a bad rap. They’re convenient, yes, but they’re also seen as the perpetrators of homogenization. Now one chain is breaking from the pack.

Walgreens, which is based in Deerfield, is adding “fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen meats and fish, pasta, rice, beans, eggs, whole grain cereals and other healthy meal components” to ten Chicago stores. These locations were chosen because they’re in the heart of some of the city’s food deserts. These, as I learned on Charity Chat with Share Our Strength, are spots in crowded urban neighborhoods that have no access to healthy food options. 

Six locations are offering the expanded selection now, with another four to follow suit by the end of the month.


  • 2340 W. Madison St. (Madison St. & Western Ave.)
  • 10300 S. Michigan Ave. (Michigan Ave. & 103rd St.)
  • 1533 E. 67th Place (67th Place & Stony Island)
  • 1213 W. 79th St. (79th St. & Racine Ave.)
  • 5036 S. Cottage Grove Ave. (Cottage Grove Ave. & 51st St.)
  • 8636 S. Ashland Ave. (Ashland Ave. & 87th St.)
  • 650 W. 63rd St. (63rd St. & Halsted Parkway)
  • 2015 E. 79th St. (79th St. & Jeffery Blvd.)
  • 11040 S. Michigan Ave. (Michigan Ave. & 111th St.)
  • 5222 W. Madison St. (Madison St. & Laramie Ave.)
Click here for more information on this and other local food initiatives.






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