And so it begins

I am now on Lollapalooza grounds. Cara and I actually arrived downtown around noon and picked up our credentials for the Hard Rock Music Lounge, had some lunch in their express cafe, had a UV cocktail, scheduled haircuts for tomorrow with the in-lounge salon, had another cocktail, charged our phones, talked to Billy Dec, talked to Cara’s boss, had another cocktail, talked to Dino and Bobby from Lovehammers & ooed over Dino’s adorable son (who really likes Fuze), did not have another cocktail, cabbed it down to Balbo and headed into the media section, talked to Marcus from NBC, Marcus from WGN, Damon from CBS, and Patrick from some other radio station. Now we’re drinking a beer and waiting for Devo to stop in before they go in stage at 4.

I tell you, Lollapalooza is exhausting!






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