And The Freaky Deaky Winner Is…

Chromeo, Crystal Castles and Boyz Noize are coming to the Congress Theater on October 30, and one lucky person won 6 tickets! I invited fans to tell me their favorite 80s flick and why, and one answer definitely stood out from the rest:


My 80’s horror fav would be a tie between evil dead 1! and the friday the 13th
original. This is because since I am only 22 I barely was even born when I
watched them for the first time. Evil dead used to scare me so bad because it’s
blatant cheesiness was overwhelming to my young brain and I couldn’t comprehend
the seriosity of the movie or lack there of I should say. All I remembered
seeing was people getting brutally injured and lots and LOTS of blood and it
scared the SHIT out of me. Since then, I have watched it and laughed my ass off.
In a sense the movie had two separate effects on me and no other movie has ever
done that. Badass? Hells Yea!!! Also, Jason from friday the 13th is just a
classic. When I was a toddler of course we (my brother and friends) all had the
masks and every time someone put that damn thing on excluding me I ran my ass
off and im sure at one point cried. Brilliant character jason is. He doesn’t
even have to talk! I freakin LOVE the series in its entirety!


So congratulations to Andrew Cruzan! What makes this even better is he’s coming all the way from Missouri.


Didn’t win? Tickets are still available for $35.






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