And the winner is…

Running a contest is hard. I always want everybody to win and it’s difficult to select just one person. For our giveaway of two tickets to the Playboy VIP New Year’s Eve Party at the Hilton with T-Pain I was prepared for a deluge of entries. What I wasn’t prepared for were the pleas within those entries. If I were choosing based on them I would have to choose between true love, sending a 59 year old man to his first New Year’s Eve party, or helping a couple celebrate after three years of the husband’s unemployment.

But I’m a total chicken so I used a random number generator. And guess who won? 

Jerry Streich! 

If you’re going to wait until you’re 59 to go to a New Year’s Eve party this is the way to go. Playboy Bunnies, open premium bar, and a concert with T-Pain are worth the wait.

Thanks to everyone who entered, and congratulations Jerry!

These are some of my favorite entries:

  • You could be an accessory to true love!
  • I could use a party —at least a cocktail 
  • What better person to go to this party then a young, fun 21 year old??? PLEASE??
  • 59 years old and never been to a new year’s party. HONEST.
  • Hook a man up!
  • I would love to win a pair of tickets to the playboy party. Finding good plans for the big night have been a T-Pain!
  • What a wonderful NYE surprise for my husband who has been out of work for 3 yrs!






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