Art-inspired beverages at Travelle

Through the end of the year, and possibly longer, you can imbibe some pretty spectacular cocktails newly offered at Travelle, at the Langham Hotel.  They’ve taken their cues from famous works of art and created cocktails to reflect them. Here is a sampling of what you can find:

Midori Garden – evocative of Hiroshi Yoshida’s “In the Botanical Garden” – features Monkey 47 gin, banana liqueur, lavender syrup, lime juice, matcha, cream, and egg for a lovely concoction reminiscent of the dreamy Japanese landscape.


Midori Garden - Galdo Photo

In the Botanical Garden


Reminiscence of Summer – inspired by Dali’s Rose Meditative

The Rum Wreckage - Galdo Photo


Rose - Meditative


The Rum Wreckage – inspired by Théodore Géricault’s Raft of the Medusa

The Rum Wreckage - Galdo Photo


Raft of the Medusa


Apple Locke – inspired by the portrait of John Locke “Father of Liberalism”.

Apple Locke - Galdo Photo



Check out these lovely creations and more at Travelle, located at 330 N Wabash Ave inside the Langham Hotel. 






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