Aryk Crowder is asking for your help to fund his new project and help feed the hungry

Maybe it’s because I’m a Chicago radio personality but I am sent links to fundraising drives for local artists quite often.  I love to see musicians take control of their career and I do my best to help publicize and donate whenever I can.  There is a one particular drive going on right now from Chicago soulful artist Aryk Crowder that’s really picqued my interest because of it’s uniqueness and charitable nature.

Aryk is not just raising funds to release his upcoming “2×4” collection (the first of two volumes will be released this summer).  He’s also aiming to help feed the hungry in Chicago.  Once the funding for the “2×4” project is complete 10% of all additional pledges will go towards the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

There are all sorts of unique packages you can purchase to help support this project, ranging from a mere $10 donation (you’ll get a digital download of “2×4″ Vol.1″ before its official release and a personal thank you from Aryk via email) all the way up to a $3,000 baby-maker package (he will personally write the soundtrack for you and your signifanct other’s “special night together”).  I chose the $75 custom “2×4” whiskey glass package.  Aryk is big into infusing bourbon so he is even offering a $350 Infusion Experience where he’ll come to your house and you will sip his infused bourbon while listening to “2×4” volumes 1 & 2 with five of your friends (obviously, must be 21+).  Maybe you’d like to come up with a name of his newest bourbon infusion cocktail or maybe you’d like to come to his living room for a private concert.  There are many ways to support Aryk Crowder‘s “2×4” project.

As of today (6/2/14) there’s just 14 days left and the project is only 42% funded.  Please click HERE for more information and to donate.  Support local music and help feed the hungry in Chicago…win/win!






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