Avieve is Power Peel-ing Back the Years

I love salons and spas. That’s probably a statement that fairly well exemplifies the phrase “goes without saying”, but I’m saying it anyway because I’m not a spa person. What that means is that I rarely visit one. I get my hair done twice a year (although that better improve or Mafia Hairdresser will come after me), a mani/pedi about once a year, and I’ve had a certificate for a free massage sitting in my drawer for about two years.

For someone who loves spas I don’t do them very well.

But I’m getting better! I was invited to get a new “Power Peel” treatment at Avieve salon, and since one of my goals for 2012 is to take some more time for me, I leapt at the opportunity and scheduled it right away. My first question was whether or not my face would be red. The response? “No, you won’t look like Samantha from Sex & The City.” Whew!

Next question: how long will it take? The main reason I don’t spend more time at salons and spas is because of the time it takes. Hair: two and a half hours. Nails: at least an hour, usually longer. Massage: 60 minutes or what’s the point? Fortunately they told me this treatment takes about thirty minutes.

It actually only took about fifteen. When I arrived at the salon I was offered hot tea and met by Genevieve. She took me to the treatment room and instructed me to disrobe just my upper body and put on the provided wrap. Then I laid down and she proceeded to massage my face and décolleté. The peel is made of papaya and rice enzyme, so there are no harsh chemicals or abrasives. She also put a touch of frankincense near my hairline when I told her I have a hard time focusing because I have so much to do.

The result was a relaxed, focused, and fresh faced me (seen above – the only public photo of me without makeup ever. Ever.) ! With a time commitment of only 15 minutes this is a bit of pampering that fits into any schedule.

Price for the treatment is $65 for face, neck and décolleté or a set of three for $150. Genevieve also recommended I take home some Dermalogica micro-exfoliator. At $60 it’s more than I’ve ever spent on my skin, but this rice-based product should last me at least six months, if not longer.

Avieve is located in a quiet residential area at 2558 N Southport. 






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