Barley's Angels Takes You to Church Street Brewing

Are you a woman? Do you like beer? Well, then, Barley’s Angels Chicago wants to take you to Church! Church Street Brewing, that is. Tomorrow night the group is taking a field trip to Itasca for a private tour of the brewery. You’ll be accompanied by the brewers and there will be pizza for all. Guys – you’re invited, too!

The event starts at 6:30 and you can head to the brewery (1480 Industrial Dr, Itasca, IL) on your own, or you can meet at Union Station and enjoy a beer on the train. The Metra departs at 5:23pm and after you arrive in Itasca at 5:59pm you’ll be whisked to the brewery for an evening of tasting, education, networking, and fun.

Tickets are $20 and include the tour and pizza. Metra tickets are purchased individually, as are beers for the train and any extras at the brewery. You can get your tickets here (advance purchase is required!) or and learn more about Barley’s Angels Chicago here.






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