Be A Rock Star Reporter At Lollapalooza

Dream job alert: HipGeo wants you to report on Lollapalooza! Well, you if you upload a video telling them why you should and they really, really like it. If you win you’ll get $500 and get to chronicle the experience from the moment you leave home until you pass out with a blissful smile on your face and a ringing in your ears.

The rules: keep it short. Any video over 90 seconds won’t be eligible. Enter soon. The deadline for entry is July 18 at 4pm CST and they’ll notify the winners by July 20.

Rock on!

UPDATE: You must already have a ticket to Lollapalooza – it’s not included.

If you’re on the west coast you can enter to be a reporter for the International Surf Festival. Gnarly, dude.

Photo is of Amy Aiello interviewing Deluka at Lollapalooza 2011






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