Be A Smarteys-Pants: Chicago-based Start-up helps you manage your money

Money is a touchy subject, especially now when finances are tight all around. It’s particularly tough for the recent college graduate and for alumna years later who are still struggling with student loan debt. The average graduate owes $20,000 in student loans, and since there are over 50,000 college students in downtown Chicago alone there’s quite a need for a tool that will help ease the confusion and help get that debt under control. That’s where Smarteys comes in.

Started by a couple of University of Chicago graduates, Smarteys is a new online tool that aims to take the fear and mystery out of money management. While it was specifically created to help with student loans, co-founder Charisse Conanan said it will work for any type of debt. I spoke with her about how their “personalized and automated tools” can help you manage your money and their down-to-earth approach that encourages you to see money as a friend, not an enemy.

Listen to the interview to learn more about this tool and to hear tips on how to pay down your debt and still have money to do all the things we here at The Local Tourist tell you to do!






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