Big Love for Fleetwood Macbeth

Fleetwood Macbeth recently debuted at The Public House Theatre in Chicago.  It is every bit of what you may suspect the show is about, Fleetwood Mac meets Shakespeare’s “Macbeth,” a perfect combination where classic rock meets classical theatre! 

I had the “Tusk,” I mean task of checking out the show and I’ve got “Big Love” for this production.  The show runs every Friday and Saturday the entire month of April and is selling out quickly.

This darkly comedic show sets Shakespeare’s thrilling tragedy in a rock n’roll radio station in the late 70’s. With the music of Fleetwood Mac telling the immortal tale of power, manipulation, bloodguilt and witchy women, we see Mac and Lady take on the hotshot disc jockey, “The King,” and the battle to be #1 on the airwaves.

This was my first time at The Public House Theatre, and it was a very pleasant experience.  The theatre is small and fits roughly 60 audience members comfortably.  The stage is up close and personal allowing you to get enveloped in the musical and storyline from the start.  Plus, you can also purchase reasonably priced beverages at their bar and can sip on your own libation while enjoying the show.

This musical sends your eardrums on a musical journey with 12 Fleetwood Mac tunes including “Dreams,” “Go Your Own Way,” and “Little Lies.”    The actors do an incredible job of using the theatre space on stage, in the aisle and even the back of the theatre – creating a surround sound-like experience.  Your eyes will be delighted with dancing, fantastic stage blocking and the performers’ comfort levels make it a perfect mix of creative fun… including a little strip tease from The King.

Fleetwood Macbeth credits:

WRITER: Book by Ricky W. Glore

DIRECTOR: Ricky W. Glore



CAST: Ali Delianides (LADY), Dennis Frymire (MAC), Aaron Sarka (KING, MACDUFF), Timmy Barron (BANKY), Caroline Nash (WITCHY WOMAN), Neil Geistlinger (WITCHY MAN), Kilee Rheinsburg (WITCHY WOMAN)

For tickets and information, please click HERE.

Performance photos by Janelle Rominski.






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