Brunch at Gaslight Bar & Grill Shines

I love it when I’m invited to check out a restaurant and everything is so great all I want to do is rave about it. You know that feeling – when you walk out the door and you think “that was awesome!” and you’re completely sated? That’s how I felt after brunch at Gaslight Bar & Grill.

I’ll start right off by saying that my meal was comped. They’re looking for people who write about food to write about them so they invited me to check out their brunch menu. Did it help that I didn’t have to pay (except tip, of course! Taking care of the server is a must.)? It didn’t hurt. But I will say that after we left and calculated how much it would have been we agreed that we’d go back in a heartbeat and would recommend it highly.

We started off with a Skyy vodka bloody mary ($7). We asked for spicy and it had just the right amount of pepper and tobasco. For brunch we ordered the turkey burger ($9) and, at our server’s suggestion, the crispy pork belly chilaquiles ($9). The turkey burger is a splendid concoction of turkey mixed with sauteed shallots, apple, and fresh thyme, stuffed with brie, and topped with arugula, oven dried tomatoes, and herb mayo. For our side we ordered the chimichurri fries. These shoestring potatoes are tossed with olive oil, pesto, and garlic. I’m normally a sauce kinda gal, but these required nothing but a napkin to absorb a bit of the extra olive oil. 

Turkey Burger from Gaslight Bar & Grill

The crispy pork belly chilaquiles are a twist on the traditional Mexican breakfast dish. The pork belly was plentiful, and it was accompanied by avocado, cilantro, tomatoes, cheese, and topped with two fried eggs. The dish was a great blend of creaminess and spiciness and disappeared quickly. 

As we were finishing up the hail came so we ordered a “Healthy Lemonade” ($8) while we waited out the storm. With Minute Maid Lemonade Light and Hum, this drink saves on the calories without sacrificing any of the refreshing flavor. Of course, I’m partial to Hum because it’s Chicagoan Adam Seger’s very own hibiscus spirit. While we didn’t order any beers, we did notice that it’s a well curated collection that includes personal favorites like Ommegang Hennepin and Two Brothers Dumaine Dupage.

The service is friendly and efficient, and as a former server I’m pretty particular about service. I sat with my back to the wall so I could observe the whole bar area and watched as our server consolidated her efforts and took care of all of her guests promptly and with a smile on her face.

I’m thankful that Gaslight invited me to visit because now I have a new favorite brunch spot, and a place I can include on my recommended restaurants to visit. If you’ve been there please let me know your thoughts below!






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