Brunch at ZED451

Brunch is expected to be extravagant. It’s the one meal where you’re allowed to eat more than you should, especially if you’re at an all-you-can-eat affair. Brunch at ZED451 takes that expectation, and that extravagance, to a new level.

Upon being seated in this gorgeous restaurant we were promptly greeted with the biggest cinnamon roll we’ve ever seen. The glaze melts down the sides into the iron skillet in which it was baked. Then, in quick succession, a frittata with arugula, corned beef hash with a poached egg, and a skillet of bacon were placed in front of us. The frittata was eggs, but the arugula turned it into eggs with zing. The corned beef hash is something I would order again and again – and I don’t like corned beef hash. I do, however, like bacon. A lot. It pretty much deserves its own food group. Their bacon should sit at the top of the food pyramid and in the center of your food plate. It’s baked; it’s seasoned; it’s sweet and spicy and simply divine. I couldn’t stop eating it, even though I knew there was so much more food to be had.

Bacon at ZED451

If you’ve ever been to ZED451 you’ve heard them tell you to pace yourself. HA! I dare you to try it. I was sitting at the Chef’s Counter, so while I’m having dish after beautiful dish placed in front of me I’m watching chefs in white coats prepare skewers of meat, all the while knowing that there are tables laden with salads and vegetables and cheeses and desserts and duck confit hash browns and steel cut vanilla oatmeal just behind me. Even the Bloody Mary was a meal.

Bloody Mary at ZED451

When we decided it was time to try those skewers of meat we put our stone “out” and were immediately offered a rotating roster of sirloin, sausage, pork shoulder, brined turkey, and salmon. Then they brought over french toast with bananas and walnuts, and buffalo chicken and waffles.

Pork Shoulder at ZED451

Being surrounded by food, and unlimited quantities of it, does not make for a good brunch. I give you Old Country Buffet, for example. Being surrounded by good food, prepared with creativity and by chefs who select their ingredients with care does.

That is brunch at ZED451. 

Full disclosure: TLT was invited to come in, and ZED451 has also hosted a Chef’s Table event, which tells you that we really REALLY like them!






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