Cara's Quotes

Cara Carriveau is one funny lady. Lucky for me, I got to spend all weekend with her at Lollapalooza. Lucky for you, I captured some of her best quotes on Twitter


  • “I don’t even feel old this year.” (after looking around at the crowd)
  • “If there was ever a day to wear a boa…”
  • “I wonder how many people are getting on the cooling bus & thinking its actually going to take them somewhere.”
  • “I need a boa and I need a bathroom.”


  • “I’m glad we didn’t stay out any later last night. Although if there’d been boas. ..”
  • “Yay, music!”
  • Marcus Leshock “(Phoenix) is big in France.” Cara “So are the Coneheads.”


  • Me – No quotes yet today. Cara: “It’s ’cause we haven’t had our bagel. I’m a lox funnier after that.”
  • “There’s Chris Cornell’s tour bus. I’m going to ask him to snuggle with me so he can be my spoon man.”
  • Jim “I’m surprised you’re not dead.” Cara “I may be dead.”

There were actually many, many, MANY more, but most of them are not fit to print. (And don’t ask me what they were – at this point they just live on in my memory as a laugh.)

You can listen to Cara on weekdays from 10am to 2pm and Saturdays from 6am to 10am on 101.9 The Mix. You might want to keep pen and paper handy; you never know what she’s going to say.

Cara’s pictured cooling off with Phil Kosch of Treaty of Paris. 






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