Specials and Sales

900 North Michigan Shops

For the past seven years 900 North Michigan Shops has offered shoppers a tax-free weekend of shopping right around April 15. In years past they've offered a 9.25% discount to offset the sales tax.

Prohibition - Happy Days are Beer Again

In 1933 Prohibition ended, and Berghoff was first in line for the newly-minted liquor licenses.

Mac Madness at Rockit Bar and Grill

Mac Madness at Rockit Bar and Grill is five days of mac 'n cheese creations from Chef/Partner Amanda Downing.

If you're on a budget but want to explore Chicago's museums you're in luck. February is chock-full of free days at Chicago's top museums.

With literally hundres of theaters throughout the city Chicago's theater scene is bustling.

Oceanside Pier, California

If you're tired of the snow and cold and dreaming of a getaway, get away to Rosemont.

African Lion at Brookfield Zoo

Brookfield Zoo wants you to come out and play! They're offering free days through February, including the weekends.

Chicago Human Rhythm Project Free-4-All Dance Classes

Start the new year by putting some dance in your step.

Free Days at Chicago Museums

It's the beginning of a new year! If checking out Chicago's museums is on your list of things do this year then this is the month to do it.