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From October 19 - December 31, the River North gallery is hosting the first exhibition of Mardi Gras Indian artwork ever held. "Revealing Mardi Gras Indians: Beaded Art of a Hidden Culture" is an historic event featuring 14 exhibits, ranging from full suits to beaded fragments, some as many as 20 years old.

Five Elements of War follows the rich history of protest art with emotionally charged works about causes, turmoil and reality of the invasion, incorporating shell casings and shrapnel from the frontlines of war-torn Eastern Ukraine.

Three weeks – that is all the time you have to catch this fantastic show at the

This Saturday the Bughouse Square Debates take place in Washington Square Park, 901 N Clark St. The annual event is part of the Newberry Book Fair and features regular Joes and Janes literally getting on soapboxes to persuade you to their points of view.

Chicago Festivals Weekend Roundup for the 4th of July and Independence day holiday

Paul Taylor is one of the most acclaimed choreographers in American history, and you can experience his work on Mother's Day weekend.

Dine with famed Cuban photographer Roberto Salas at Rick Bayless' Cruz Blanca in anticipation of the exhibit of his work at the The Rangefinder Gallery.

Head over to the and catch a performance of Bernard Shaw’s: Heartbreak House. Enjoy the dysfunctional family fun that occurred at Heartbreak house one afternoon in 1917, Sussex, England.

Finding Neverland's national tour's cast dazzles at Broadway in Chicago

Do you believe in magic? Broadway in Chicago's Finding Neverland, about the creation of Peter Pan, landed at Chicago's Cadillac Palace Theatre.

If you are looking to put some fun into your weekend, head over to the Ruth Page Theater and catch a performance of Bernard Shaw’s: Misalliance. Enjoy the dysfunctional family fun that occurred at John Tarleton’s country house one summer afternoon in 1909, Surrey, England.