Check Out the Library Lounge

When I first moved to Chicago almost ten years ago I was amazed by the resources offered by the Chicago Public Library. I would visit the Harold Washington Branch and marvel at the floors and floors of stacks. It seemed I could find anything I wanted to know, and I quickly learned that what they didn’t have available in paper they had electronically. I’d bring my floppy disks and download data like I was back in college writing the final piece for my investigative journalism class.

Over the years the CPL has grown with the times, and now instead of a floppy disk you can use your library card number and the Interent. Their online collections allow you to download not only data, but also books, podcasts, and more, for free.

To get the word out about everything they provide they’re hosting a monthly Library Lounge. You can learn in person while enjoying a cocktail or two and even get your library card and a free t-shirt. Join them at Crocodile Lounge at 6pm and be amazed. RSVP:






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