Chef Stephanie Izard Holds “The Flavor” Demonstration at Standard Market

Standard Market, located in Westmont, will welcome Chef Stephanie Izard, winner of Top Chef: Season 4and mastermind behind Chicago’s Girl & The Goat and Little Goat Diner, for a morning of absolute flavor. On Saturday, March 30 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., Stephanie will be sampling dishes made with her “The Flavor” collection, including The Marinade, The Chee, The Sauté, and two flavorful rubs (Rub 1 and Rub 2). To meet Stephanie, have your Girl In The Kitchen book signed, and to taste the incredible flavor that these sauces and rubs lend to meat, vegetables, and more, simply head to the Market the day of the event.The Flavor by Stephanie Izard collection will be available exclusively at Standard Market From March 1 – March 30 (sauces $9.99, rubs $5.99). 

Chef Stephanie Izard will feature:
The Marinade is the go-to staple marinade for just about anything. This is good for meat and vegetables, or add it to a sauce for a little more flavor. Hints of ginger and sambal come through in this robust marinade.
The Chee is Stephanie’s take on a classic Kimchi dressing. It is very spicy and can be used as a go-to Asian spicy condiment.
The Sauté invites you to go beyond extraordinary. Wondering how to add a little flavor to those veggies? Heat up a pan, throw in a little saute sauce and add them in. If you’re feeling like a pro, give the pan a quick toss to coat.
Rub 1 is the duct-tape of all rubs. Think of the all-time-best chip seasoning and you’re in the ballpark for how this tastes. Seriously addictive and great on everything. Yes, everything.
Use Rub 2 when you need a little kick and want to add a fantastic blend of exotic flavors. Sure, we could use words like masala or other fancy spice names. But the reality is: who cares when it tastes this good?

Standard Market
333 East Ogden Avenue 
Westmont, IL 60559


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