Chicago 2016

Since moving to Chicago almost 7 years ago from Indianapolis, the city and I have had a grand love affair. Oh, we’ve had our rocky moments, but none were ever bad enough to make me want to leave. I love Chicago more and more every day, and when you feel a great passion you want to share it.

I now have the incredible opportunity of sharing my love with the world – literally!

I am proud, excited, and downright thrilled to announce that I’m the Culture & Tourism Editor for the Chicago 2016 Channel!!!

Twice a week I’ll be writing about Chicago’s arts, entertainment, dining, nightlife, and cultural diversity. Please, stop by and leave a comment.


“On October 20, 2001, I moved to Chicago and I fell in love.

I didn’t fall in love with the stereotypes. The Second City has
plenty of those, but it’s so much more. Chicago is more than Al Capone,
deep dish pizza, and hot dogs without ketchup. It’s more than cigar
chomping politicos making decisions in smoke filled rooms.” Click here to read the full post.


The title of my section is called “Enjoy!” How appropriate is that!






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