Chicago Dance Crash: The Standing Room

As the mother of a teenage boy I’ve seen many of the dance movies like “Honey” and “You Got Served,” and I have a confession to make: I like them. Maybe it’s because I grew up when breakdancing was hip and parachute pants were stylish; maybe it’s because I taught ballroom dance for a blink of a moment; more likely it’s because they’re just plain fun.

Chicago Dance Crash’s “The Standing Room” is a lot like a scene from one of those movies, except you’re standing in the crowd and cheering on the dancers as they meander amongst the spectators. Some sections are obviously choreographed, like the part where a lone woman dances to David Kav’s new song “Muse”. Others seem like a dance party, with a circle of friends jumping in and out and trying to show each other up. Rock band Bi Polar Bear is sometimes solo, sometimes accompaniment. A capoeira troupe astonishes with its seemingly impossible contortions and defiance of gravity.

Don’t take my word for it. You can see it for yourself this Friday & Saturday at The Viaduct, 3111 N Western. Tucked away on Western where it splits into two levels, the theater is a blank slate for this “rock concert for dance”. Doors open at 8pm and tickets are $16. Bonus: there’s an after party until midnight. Maybe some of those dancers will teach you their moves.

In the meantime, check out my photos from last Friday’s “show”:






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