Chicago is MINE!

My mom rocks. Last month I wrote about the Chicago History Museum’s “Adopt An Artifact” program and what a great gift it would make for someone who loves Chicago. Being the subtle person that I am, at the very end I wrote “Oh Mom…are you reading this?” I never mentioned it; she never mentioned it. I know my mom reads everything I write, and yet I still squealed with surprised glee (my dad can vouch) when I opened a box cleverly weighted with hotel shampoos and saw this at the bottom:


Burnham's Plan of Chicago Adoption Certificate


There were six items to choose from and, for me, she couldn’t have picked a better one. I’m fascinated by and grateful for the Plan Of Chicago and how it represents both our city’s past and its future. This quote from the included description of its historical significance particularly captures how grandiose this dream was:


“The level of change and development proposed in the plan suggests that Chicago was less a place in the first decade of the twentieth century than an idea – a city founded on the desire to improve, progress, and expand.”


It seems to me Chicago still possesses that desire and continues to defy expectations. I’m proud to have that certificate to hang on my wall, and I’m proud that my name will now be listed in the Chicago History Museum and in their annual report.


Thanks Mom!






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