Chicago Pizza Tours Celebrates Two Years

If there’s one thing that Chicago’s known for, it’s pizza. Specifically, deep dish pizza, but the Windy City has a lot more pies to choose from than just that. We’ve got Sicilian, Neopalitan, thick crust, stuffed crust, wood fired, coal fired – heck we’ve even got New York-style pizza! And nobody knows that better than Jonathon Porter.

Jon has created a job out of his love for pizza, and he’s done it really, really well. Today Chicago Pizza Tours is celebrating its second year anniversary. I took one of his earliest tours, and it’s been a pleasure to watch his company rise like a well-made dough. In addition to his Pizza tour, which takes you to several different places around the city, he now offers a Pizza and Cocktails tour!

Congratulations, Jon! You’re a great “slice” of Chicago!






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