Chicago Traffic Says “Stop, Thief!”

A man and a woman unsuccessfully tried to use stolen credit cards at the Michigan Avenue Louis Vuitton store. After store employees called the police, the couple jumped into a black car, pulled out into the street…


And got stuck in traffic.


The man then ran off and the woman got behind the wheel. It was, however, Saturday afternoon in the Gold Coast, where traffic moves the speed of a woman in 4-inch Manolo Blahnik’s, so the cops quickly caught up to them. One got in the car with her, they struggled, and someone was sprayed. She then went for his gun and ended up getting shot in the process.


Her partner didn’t get very far. He came back to check on her and when a witness told the police about an anxious guy saying “Did they shoot her? Did they shoot her?” they realized it was her other half.


The man’s now in custody and the woman’s in the hospital in serious-to-critical condition. Two police officers were also taken to the hospital with minor injuries.


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