Chicagoland Car Free Day

Since moving to Chicago eight years ago I’ve met more adults who don’t have cars than I’d known in my previous 31 years combined. Some of them have never even driven. Granted, I’m from Indianapolis, where the entire city is car-crazy, but it does go to show you that you can get around just fine without an automobile. Don’t believe me? Try it for a day. Specifically, tomorrow.


Tuesday is Chicagoland Car Free Day. The Active Transportation Alliance, which promotes biking, walking and public transit, is asking you to pledge to be car-free for the entire day. Various companies and organizations are participating, including Caribou Coffee, which is offering $1 coupon for everyone who pledges. Chicago Street Musicians will have special performances at the Jackson Red and Blue Line stops and the Washington Blue Line.


I-Go Car Sharing is even getting into the act by offering memberships for only $25. Why would a car company encourage this? They’re all about car sharing and encourage people to bike, walk, or take public transportation most of the time and use a car only when they absolutely have to.


Sign the pledge here.






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